Talent strategy



Talent strategy


Talent is the core competitiveness of an enterprise, jia di more than ten years of rapid development is the first impetus of talent. Just know just "put forward by the chairman of the board of directors, to relief, relief of retention" of talent, carry out to jia di chemical talent management work, has formed four distinctive features.
Selection of heavy, heavy capacity, performance. In the selection process, the enterprise may not hiring the best, but be sure to apply. The most suitable primary standard is loyal to the enterprise and the constant pursuit of the cause. Talent liquidity is bigger than state-owned enterprises, the private enterprise to the requirement of talents' loyalty more has its special significance. "Not necessarily hiring the best" has two meanings: one is not one-sided pursuit of elite universities, highly educated, high degree, high grade; Second, if the talent is the best, the enterprise of course selected.
Bold and hiring of college graduates. As companies grow rapidly, state-owned enterprises gradually stability, flow to the private people greatly reduced, the private sector and was the first to jump out of old recruitment channels. It is worth noting that the graduates get exercise, cultivate and improve in the private sector, to enhance the ability to adapt, and improve the loyalty.
Jia di puts forward "eight talent, nine points to use, very treatment" YongRenGuan, than "B talent, A level work" goes further. Lack of private enterprises on the one hand, eight people want to be a nine points use; Less, on the other hand, because the senior talents, the abnormality is to use talents are small obstacles. This abnormality reuse talent, not only accelerated the growth of talent, and meets the need of the enterprise. Therefore, the enterprise of their wages, benefits, and training all preferential treatment.
Talent management to carry out direct competition, the principle of ebb tide. The private sector and the allocation mechanism of choose and employ persons the flexible created the conditions for the talent competition. Performance outstanding talents, salary can rise; Flat, wages rise must be slow; As for labor zero effect and negative effect, will be eliminated. This is jia di group set talent management concept: sweep, sand their, is gold deposit.

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