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European nations are hand in hand to develop new type of low light powder coating technology

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Greece, Britain and other European countries experts team are working together to carry out a research and development projects, the goal is for new type of powder coating, to develop a new type of advanced polymer materials and composite materials, and its production and processing technology.

This project not only conforms to the European Union to strictly limit the VOC legislation, at the same time also can meet the growing demand for high performance of organic coatings based on market and improvement in production technology and product formula of the ratio of aspects of demand, the demand has been and will continue to continue to drive the progress of the new technology of this field.


Instead of the traditional technology

For the project development, coating industry is expected to obtain from the following two aspects: (a) technology progress and economic gain in a more environmentally friendly products (such as powder coatings and high solid coatings) instead of traditional coating; (b) the latest development of nanotechnology. Innovative concept, high value-added products and multifunctional material of this kind of multi-level strategy, can effectively help hope transformation of the traditional small and medium-sized enterprise is given priority to pave the way for coating industry.

Production of environmental protection material

In order to address these challenges, the project plans to develop a new type of advanced polymer materials and composite material, at the same time, production and processing technology were studied, the goal is to develop an innovative powder coating product, can satisfy the industrial application at the same time to improve quality and reduce cost, more environmental protection requirements, and shorten the development cycle. The project research focuses on the dual functional polymer and new nano additives, in view of the present narrow in the application of the powder coating cost is high, the problems, through the development of solid acrylic resin and nano additives, new products is expected to greatly expand the type of powder coating and application field.

The project work focused on the low light first powder coating is required for the synthesis of new macromolecule material, followed by the modification of inorganic nano additives, in order to improve the optical performance and mechanical properties of the new type of coating. New type of composite material is pure polymer and nano materials in powder coatings application technology progress at a time. The board size for application in powder coating production experiments, used to verify the performance of the product repeatability. The manufacturing process will be the complement and development of the existing technology.

Project members to attend

The project partners from Greece, Italy, Britain, Israel and other countries, the scientists will work together to complete the basic research, technology development and product application research (powder coating). Its members include Greece Demokritos national research centre, city university of London, Italy Steel Belt Systems, Israel Israel Barter Trading company and Greek Megara resin, etc.

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